helloworld_1600x1200It’s me. Not Adele. And not a lame attempt at a joke. Okay. Maybe the latter. A little. Or a lot. Who the hell cares.┬áThis is a huge moment for me. I have finally started a blog. It’s been number two on my New Year’s resolution EVERY YEAR for the last 5 years…coming in right after my number one resolution…to lose weight. And I’m only just getting round to both. So, yeah, you could say it’s a bit of a big deal for me. Huge. Larger than life. MONUMENTAL.

So hello there. My name is Julie. But you can call me Jewlz. I’m a Twenty-Five year old Kenyan girl caught in between loving the freedom adulthood brings and never wanting to grow up. This blog is all about the struggles I face, the joys I experience and all things in between. It will specifically focus on my weight loss efforts (argh! Not another one of those); finding my purpose in life – career wise and learning to love myself (oh brother!).

Welcome aboard this journey of healthy living, mighty loving and daily learning. Let the healing begin.